PLM 243 Listen & Learn Are You Paying Too Much for Amazon Storage

Are You Paying Too Much for Amazon Storage?

Are you paying too much for Amazon storage? Kevin shares his insights and tips to help you manage your e-commerce business. Tune in!

Free for a Limited Time Only

Amazon always had different storage fees for Q4, but they did something unique this year. They are allowing sellers to remove items from their inventory for free.

“It’s free until October 6.” – Kevin Rizer

Their typical fee of $0.50 per item can add up if you have a lot of items to remove. With the increase, the fees for Q4 is going to be four times higher.

Running Out of Storage Space

Amazon usually do not charge that much. It has been one of the reasons why they became popular with sellers.

“The reason is pretty simple. Amazon is running out of space that’s why they penalize us for things like long term storage.” – Kevin Rizer

You may find Amazon better than other third party fulfillment. But because of her growing popularity, sellers may need to adjust with the fees.

How to Deal with the Storage Fee

It’s the storage fee that has increased. The referral rate and others remain the same.

“There are reports from Seller Central that will tell you how much you’re spending on storage.” – Kevin Rizer

Amazon wants to store items that sellers plan to sell soon. Overall, it is important to know our numbers.

To learn more about how to deal with the fees and about Wylie Fulfillment, download and listen to Are You Paying Too Much for Amazon Storage?. You can also find The Private Label Movement on iTunes and Stitcher.

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