Coupon Update 264

Amazon Coupon Update

Kevin is back with his Amazon seller coupon update. What are the things he observed and how can you set up one for your products? Tune in!

“I really love this new coupon feature from Amazon.” – Kevin Rizer

Coupon Feature for Sellers

Amazon coupons have been out for a long time already. It is a feature that is available to most sellers on Amazon.

Before, only vendors and Amazon may use them. Now, third-party sellers may also use them to improve their brands and sales.

Things to Love About the Coupons

Kevin tested it on his products, both on the new ones and on those that have been performing well for a while. He loves the Amazon coupons for a couple of reasons.

“There is a lot of truth to the fact that consumers … when they see that something is on sale, they are more likely to buy.” – Kevin Rizer

One of the things he loves about it is east convenience in setting up. It only takes about 2 to 3 minutes. It is also a powerful feature that sellers may consider for their brands.

Cost of Amazon Coupons

The Amazon coupons feature is also affordable. Other ways of increasing sales like Facebook Ads and AdWords can be time-consuming and costly.

“While there are fees associated with coupons, they are very nominal.” – Kevin Rizer

How much does this feature cost? You only pay whatever the discount plus 60 cents per coupon redeemed. That is less than the other ways of increasing sales.

To find out more about Kevin’s experience with Amazon coupons and how you can set up one for your products, download and listen to Amazon Seller Coupon Update.

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