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Bogus Competitor Safety Complaints

Can Amazon suspend your products due to bogus competitor safety complaints? Kevin recently experienced two such problems. What were they and how did he deal with them? Tune in!

“Don’t bury yourself in the sand. Be prepared for something like this to happen.” – Kevin Rizer on bogus competitor safety complaints

When Competitors Strike

Having spent some time in the industry, Kevin has also come across nasty competitors. There was one that tried to copy everything he did.

Being out in public is no easy thing. It makes you more susceptible to such issues. That is why you have to prepare for anything.

Ensuring the Customer’s Safety

Recently, Amazon pulled Kevin’s products due to safety complaints from a customer. They have always been diligent about following up on claims.

“Amazon does not expect us to all be perfect, but they do expect us to be agile enough and willing to make changes in order to move forward and make sure their customers are protected.” – Kevin Rizer

They always make sure their products are safe. This recent issue just caught them off guard.

A Competitor Behind the Claim

Amazon asked Kevin to address the complaint by submitting a plan of action (POA). He then reached out to the customer.

“Be forewarned and prepared because there are some things that all of us sellers can do when something like this happens.” – Kevin Rizer

He shares that a competitor could be behind the claim for three reasons: the customer did not return the call, the claim was made out of thin air, and a safety complaint is the fastest way to get a competitor off your back.

To learn about Kevin’s recent experience and how he dealt with it, download and listen to Bogus Competitor Safety Complaints. You can also find The Private Label Movement on iTunes and Stitcher.

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