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Amazon Europe: Why or Why Not?

For a couple of months now, Kevin has been considering to expand his business into Europe. He’s got big goals lined up for 2018. Listen to him share his insights about Amazon Europe: why or why not?

“I am really excited about the opportunities in Europe. We see a lot of growth potential there.” – Kevin Rizer

Setting Up Business in the UK

What works for one business owner may not work for another. When Kevin decided to expand into the European market, he set up a UK entity.

“Look at the different ways of setting up and selling internationally, and make an informed decision that is best for you.” – Kevin Rizer

There were things he could not understand at first. But, those things did not dissuade him. Welcome, Amazon Europe!

Expense in Selling

Setting up an entity overseas has an expense. Kevin’s UK entity allows him to purchase US inventory.

Both may also share expenses. Among them are expenses for customer service, graphic design, and storage fees.

Support from Amazon

Kevin was also able to utilize Amazon. According to him, Amazon offers help to US sellers to make the transition.

“We actually had a real phone number and a real email address from him [the Amazon representative] that we can reach out to.” – Kevin Rizer

Through a representative, sellers receive answers directly from Amazon. It allows them to have a go-to place for their concerns.

To hear the rest of Kevin’s insights, download and listen to Amazon Europe: Why or Why Not?

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