The PLM Podcast offers the best balance of very specific guidance and benchmarking discussion from sellers who have made it big. I'm a fan!

James Thomson

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I am regularly having well beyond $150k months now, and I attribute almost all my success to Kevin's mentoring and actionable advice. He's changed my life!

Brian Burt

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10:17 September 20, 2017

Episode 239 / Listen and Learn 95

The Seasonality of Sales on Amazon

The Seasonality of Sales on Amazon Many sellers often wonder if others are suffering from the seasonality of sales on Amazon. To help answer this question, Kevin discusses how sales is like in a typical year. He supplements this with some information from a chart by the Sponsored Products Academy. Beginning of the Year Sales…

Brett Curry 40:11 September 18, 2017

Episode 238

Brett Curry Selling Beyond Amazon

Brett Curry Brett Curry is the CEO of OMG Commerce a Full Funnel Marketing Management Company. He’s partnered with Shopify to publish a The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping. “If all you have is the Amazon relationship, Amazon wons that customer and they’re not ‘your’ customer.” – Brett Curry Brett started his first e-Commerce agency…

8:16 September 13, 2017

Episode 237 / Listen and Learn 94

Service Providers

Service Providers Service providers are crucial to the success of a business. And Kevin has worked with several of them over the years. Listen to his tips on how to find good service providers. Tip #1: Do Your Research Big entrepreneurs often make the mistake of not doing their research. As soon as they find…

Dana Derricks 39:51 September 11, 2017

Episode 236

Lessons on Life, Business and Copywriting from Goat Farmer Dana Derricks

Lessons on Life, Business and Copywriting from Goat Farmer Dana Derricks Dana Derricks discovered early his penchant for copywriting for Amazon Sellers. Dana turned his skills into his own successful online brand. Listen in to Kevin Rizer’s conversation with Dana Derricks Successful Amazon Copywriting for tips on effective copywriting do’s and don’ts. “Partnerships are a…

10:55 August 30, 2017

Episode 235 / Listen and Learn 93

What the Solar Eclipse Can Teach Us About Selling Online

What the Solar Eclipse Can Teach Us About Selling Online The recent solar eclipse not only provided a terrific view for everyone to witness but it also provided a great opportunity for some Amazon sellers to earn. Here’s What the Solar Eclipse Can Teach Us About Selling Online. “Seasonal products represent a really unique niche…


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