The PLM Podcast offers the best balance of very specific guidance and benchmarking discussion from sellers who have made it big. I'm a fan!

James Thomson

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I am regularly having well beyond $150k months now, and I attribute almost all my success to Kevin's mentoring and actionable advice. He's changed my life!

Brian Burt

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8:12 August 16, 2017

Episode 231 / Listen and Learn 91

Amazon Insights

Amazon Insights Sellers on Amazon are constantly looking for new ways to determine buyers’ purchasing habits but it’s been a struggle with the lack of information Amazon provides sellers. Amazon has been listening and is rolling out their new beta program Amazon Insights. A Way to Assess Purchase Behavior When sellers go to the landing…

Dave Lindenbaum 55:00 August 14, 2017

Episode 230

Dave Lindenbaum Crazy Chuck-E-Cheese Life Lessons Lead to Online Selling Success Part 1

Dave Lindenbaum Crazy Chuck-E-Cheese Life Lessons Lead to Online Selling Success Part 1 Dave Lindenbaum has found success selling online but he isn’t your traditional entrepreneur. Early in his career, he discovered he could observe people and discover what really motivates them. Listen in as Kevin and Dave take you on his wild ride of…

10:57 August 9, 2017

Episode 229 / Listen and Learn 90

The Perfect Vacation Part 2

The Perfect Vacation Part 2 Last week we heard about why Kevin decided to take a vacation. On today’s episode The Perfect Vacation Part 2, he shares everything he did during his time off. How did his vacation go, and is having a vacation from work also something you would enjoy? Tune in! “To get better…

John Cavendish 43:42 August 7, 2017

Episode 228

John Cavendish Successful European Amazon Selling

John Cavendish Successful European Amazon Selling John Cavendish is a European Amazon expert, who developed a streamlined system for selling across multiple languages and with limited resources. Kevin and John talk about how this path has led to a course designed for Successful European Selling on today’s show. “I realized what an untapped resource Europe…

10:50 August 2, 2017

Episode 227 / Listen and Learn 89

The Perfect Vacation Part 1

The Perfect Vacation Part 1 What is your idea of a perfect vacation? After all the hours of working and dealing with other things in life, Kevin has decided to take some time off to recharge his energy for more exciting things to come. Listen to his version of The Perfect Vacation Part 1. Time…


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